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Coming to iOS & Android Spring/Summer 2024

We're not just building a new community home; we're co-creating a safe digital space and experiences that enable meaningful connection for women around what matters most to them - running, friendship, life stage, wellbeing & more.

Every Step Counts, Every Moment Matters:

Your Wingwoman for life and running!

We're about to redefine the way women connect, run, and inspire each other.


We're co-creating a new community-powered running app for women. Currently in Beta, with a team of testers from across our volunteer community, we've been sharing progress, ideas and a-ha moments as we go.


We're excited to step away from the noise and ads of a general social channel into a new space where we can still connect and run with women where we live, but also around the other things that matter most to us too.


Be amongst the first in the new app -  join the waitlist for our launch updates and first look!

Coming to iOS & Android Spring/Summer 2024

A community by women, for women

Home Sweet Home

Tired of getting lost in the social media shuffle? The new TWR app is your cosy running home. No more unwanted noise, just the good stuff—running buddies, local running events, and topics that matter to you.

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By the community, for the community

You spoke, and we listened. The new TWR app is the result of feedback & ideas from community members. It's a community-driven space where women's voices are heard, designed to make your running journey even better.

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Inclusivity at it's core

Tailor-made for women and girls navigating different stages of life, the new TWR app champions community connection and diverse interests. We'll journey together, supporting each other every step of the way.

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An evolution, not a revolution

We're evolving, not abandoning our roots. The new TWR app carries the TMR spirit forward. It's a powerful blend of innovation and the heart that makes TMR special. Change is good, and the new app is our next great adventure.

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Connect where it matters

The new TWR app goes beyond local connections. It's about connecting around your life stage, interests, and goals. Find running friends, explore events, and dive into topics that are relevant to you.

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Pressure free empowerment

Freedom to explore, try new things, and surprise yourself. The TWR ethos is about running on your terms, without pressure. It's your journey, and the new app and community inside is your biggest cheerleader.

Coming to iOS & Android Spring/Summer 2024

What our Beta testers are saying

I liked the new app from the first time I logged on and started to look around. It’s really easy to navigate and I love all the different areas with community information, articles, and posts. I think that having all the information in one place, and so easily accessible, will be a real benefit to the TWR community. I absolutely love it!"
I really like the app, it’s great that I can pick and choose groups and topics that interest me. I can’t wait for more women to join and get conversations flowing!
Having the opportunities to select the groups you’re specifically interested in at a particular time in your life is great! A few years ago I would have been in the pregnancy group, then the [new] Mum’s group but now I’m interested in Nutrition as I’m training for a marathon and at some point I’ll join the Menopause group. I love that you can tailor the new app to your needs at any point in time.

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