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Run30® App

"The Hottest Running App in the UK", Apple July 2020

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Our app is your all-in-one guide to a fulfilling and empowering running experience.

Get started on your running journey - or back to it if it's been a while - with our Run30® programme. Plus connect with your local community & join a local social run; and dive into a treasure trove of resources on everything from choosing the right trainers, recovering from injury, strengthening your core, to running through the menopause. 

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A space to belong

Connect with your local community and be a part of a global community of women just like you - expect to find inspo, advice, chats, support, hacks and the world's biggest cheerleaders to get you out the door and active.

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Advice you can trust

Navigating the changes in our bodies as we age can affect our activity levels. Women’s physio, Claire Callaghan, shares advice on everything from pelvic health to managing hormonal changes and periods; from running after a c-section, to keeping your core strong.

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Expert coaching from TWR Founder, Mel Bound

Session by session coaching, Mel is with you every step of the way.  Plus plenty of tips from women who've completed Run30.  Start where you like,  take 2 months, or 12 - this low pressure programme is about doing it at your own pace.

- Available Now to Download -

With our simple, 24 session programme based on minutes moving, session by session coaching from TWR founder Mel Bound, connection with a community of women who share the same challenges and access to expert advice you can trust, we’ll be with you every step of the way to running for 30 minutes non stop.


More time for you, greater social connection and getting more active at your own pace - that sounds good, doesn’t it?


*Please note whilst we work at updating our content you may still see/hear us refer to our community as our former name This Mum Runs (TMR)

Run30® Stories

"I’m definitely not the quickest runner, but I can now run again (it’s been six years since I last thought of myself as a runner).  
I’d definitely recommend the Run30® programme and wish I’d found it sooner! Thank you TWR!"
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