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  • Why the change from This Mum Runs to This Woman Runs?
    We love and appreciate the strong identity that This Mum Runs has fostered. The transition to This Woman Runs is about recognising and embracing the diversity within our community. It reflects our commitment to inclusivity, acknowledging that our groups are made up of incredible women at every stage of life and not just motherhood. Not only that it also signifies our deeper understanding of the barriers women face in getting and staying active - from time constraints, safety concerns, and confidence to childcare responsibilities, finances, culture, and religion. We want to make running accessible to all women in our mission to empower the 1 billion inactive women and girls worldwide to enjoy the life changing benefits of being active.
  • Can Mums still join and feel welcome?
    Of course! The essence of our community is inclusivity. This Woman Runs welcomes all women, including mums, to join and feel a sense of belonging and support. Within our new community platform, we’ve created a supportive space dedicated to Mums (still called This Mum Runs) - where Mums can connect and access content and resources that support that often very challenging journey postnatally to finding and protecting time for ourselves and being active. This is our heartland and is still a part of our priorities and plans. Our name change simply aims to remove any barriers for women who don’t have, have chosen not to, or can’t have children - but appreciate our community focus and pressure-free ethos and would like to be able to be part of it. Or for women whose kids have left home, or are going through menopause and are at a different stage of life but feel drawn to how we offer up warm, welcoming running experiences on and offline. We’re co-curating this transition with as many women in our current community who want to get involved and are carefully listening to all thoughts and feedback along the way.
  • How much does it cost to be a member?
    Nothing! Access to our community, group runs and Run30® coaching programme are completely FREE! It's one of the ways we are working towards our mission of breaking down barriers to enable more women to connect and run.
  • When are your group runs?
    Our free weekly group runs are on a Wednesday evening and Sunday morning. Times vary depending on location so please join the digital community of the run you would like to join for the most up-to-date run time & location information.
  • How do I join a group run for the first time?
    The first thing to do is join the digital community of the run you would like to join so you can see when and where the group is running. Say hi in the group and let them know you are planning to join them - they will be so excited to have you! Simply turn up on the day and look for the Run Angel leading the run - they are easy to spot in our blue Run Angel tees and will probably be surrounded by a group of wonderful women!
  • How far do I have to be able to run?
    It's not about distance or pace with TWR. All we ask is that you can run at the pace of chat for 30 minutes.
  • You don't have a group near me, how can I set one up?
    For more information on our volunteer roles and how to set up a TWR group in your area head to our volunteer page.
  • When will the new TWR app launch?
    Our small HQ team and dedicated volunteers are working hard towards us being able to throw open the doors on our new app this Spring/Summer. For more updates please join our mailing list.
  • When will new TWR merch be available?
    We're as excited about the new merch as you! The availability of This Woman Runs merchandise is yet to be decided. Our retail partners at Pro: Direct have an amazing team of product developers and we are already in talks with them about how we can bring back our well-loved slogan tees! Stay tuned for announcements and updates on when you can get your hands on the new gear by following our main socials.
  • What will happen to This Mum Runs merch?
    TMR merch will still be available, and you can continue to proudly wear your TMR gear - there will always be a special place for our OGs!


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