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Health warning: expect 
zero- pressure running, great chat, belly laughs and feel good experiences that might just change your life.

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Get Moving Together

Welcome to the world of THIS WOMAN RUNS!

Use our interactive map below to find your local TWR community and join social runs in your area.

We currently have groups all over the UK, in New Zealand, and South Africa.

All communities are online and in person - so you can connect in whichever way makes most sense to you - and are powered by incredible volunteers who create safe, supportive spaces for women

to get to know each other, to meet each other, and run together.

Volunteer Opportunities

Locations with a pink icon are areas we're actively seeking passionate individuals to join our volunteer team.

If you're interested in becoming a community leader or Run Angel, helping us organise runs, and fostering connections among women in your local community, click here to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Join the Movement

 If you've enjoyed your own running journey and would LOVE to pass that on other women - or you've found it tough and want to make it easier for others ; if you can spare an hour or two a week and are curious to learn new skills; if you're excited about being part of a change-the world-for-women kinda team and would like to know more about the award winning training and support available to help you launch TWR social runs in your area - we'd love to hear from you!

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