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Start your running journey with our Run30 training programme

At This Woman Runs (TWR), we believe that every woman deserves the opportunity to discover the joy of running and reclaim her stride. That's why we're thrilled to share the inspiring journey of one of our community members who found her running groove with our Run30 training programme – a unique app experience designed by women, for women.

"Using the TMR Run30 app over the last four months has helped me to get back into running more than I expected it to!" shares Caroline from Leeds. Her story is a testament to the transformative power of our training programme, which offers flexibility, support, and motivation at every step of the way.

Flexibility is key, and our Run30 programme understands that life can be busy. Unlike traditional training plans that prescribe rigid schedules, our programme allows women to tailor their running routine to fit their individual needs. "I liked how the program didn’t force me to do 3 runs per week - it was much more flexible and I could manage it around family and work without feeling like I was failing!" Caroline explains.

Central to the Run30 experience are the voice prompts provided by our founder, Mel. These prompts offer guidance and encouragement without being overwhelming or disruptive to whatever you may be listening to. "Also, I found the voice prompts by Mel on each run were helpful and motivating, rather cheesy or over the top, and not disruptive to my podcast or music I listened to," Caroline shares.

With consistency and the support of the TWR community, Caroline made amazing progress. "Before I knew it, I was halfway through the program and could run longer than 1 minute at a time," she recalls. "I’ve now just got to the end of the program and can’t believe I’m able to run for 30 minutes without struggling!"

But the benefits of the Run30 programme extend far beyond the end of your last run. Caroline experienced a profound improvement in her overall well-being and confidence. "I’m really pleased with how much better I feel and that I’ve been able to stick to this program," she says. "I’ve previously tried other couch-to-5k apps and lost motivation after a few weeks."

Now equipped with newfound strength and determination, Caroline has set her sights on new goals. "I’m now signed up to do a 10k, and using the TWR run60 pdf guide to help me keep progressing and improving on my running," she reveals. "I’m definitely not the quickest runner, but I can now run again (it’s been six years since I last thought of myself as a runner). I’d definitely recommend the Run30 programme and wish I’d found it sooner!! Thank you TWR!"

Caroline proves that with our Run30 training programme, anything is possible – one step at a time. Discover the joy of running with TWR and unlock your time for movement and headspace today!

You can download our app and access Run30 for FREE here -


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