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Mental Health Awareness Week Roundup - A time to raise awareness and promote mental well-being 💚

Updated: Jun 14

This year's Mental Health Awareness Week theme is one that resonates deeply with us at This Woman Runs – Movement: moving more for your mental health. We know that running is about more than just physical activity. It's a way for the women in our community to connect with each other, de-stress, re-energise, and reconnect with themselves.


Did you know...


"98% of women in the This Woman Runs community says their mental health has been positively impacted by being a part of it"

Here’s how you can embrace movement with This Woman Runs for better mental health:

Connect with Others: 


Find your nearest TWR online community and join one of our weekly social runs. Connecting with others while moving is a great way to enhance your mental well-being.


Try Something New: 


Our thriving TWR Trails group offers a fantastic way to explore nature, clear your mind, and enjoy the serenity of the outdoors. We have taster sessions popping up in our groups all over the country - why not give it a go!

Join Run30:

If you're new to running or getting back into it, our Run30 programme is a great way to build up your fitness gradually while being part of a supportive community.



Become a part of our movement by volunteering. Leading runs and supporting others can be incredibly rewarding and boost your own mental health.


Move at Your Own Pace:

Whether it’s a walk, a gentle jog, or a run, remember it’s not about how far or how fast you go. It’s about taking the time to move and take steps towards better mental health.

Commit to moving for your mental health. Take a walk, enjoy a run, or simply get active – it’s all about making those moments count.

Let's make mental health a priority this week and every week. Together, we can promote positive mental well-being and support each other on our running journey.

Keep moving, keep connecting, and take care of yourselves!


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