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Forget pace, it is all about time spent moving

In a recent interview with Isabel Mohan, This Mum Runs (TMR) founder Mel Bound shares the journey from a local Facebook post to a nationwide movement. The success of TMR, boasting 55 digital communities and 80 running groups, lies in our commitment to making running accessible to everyone, irrespective of pace or experience.

Mel emphasizes the importance of minutes moving and the joy of running, creating an inclusive environment where every woman feels she belongs. This approach echoes the ethos of Parkrun, a global phenomenon encouraging people of all abilities to walk, jog, run, or volunteer every Saturday morning.

Join us to find out more about how community-driven initiatives redefine running, offering a space where everyone, from beginners to World Champions, can share the joy of movement in Vitality's brand-new digital magazine.

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