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Following Jasmin Paris: A Journey in Barkely Marathons

Is anyone else on the edge of their seat following the incredible journey of ultra runner and mum of two, Jasmin Paris, in this year's Barkely Marathons?

If you're! She is about to make running history (again!)

It's a crazy race - 100 miles of brutally hard terrain, broken into 5 loops. No known start time (just listen for the sound of a conch shell 🐚), no map, made to wear watches that tell the wrong time, and tasked with finding books hidden on the route - tearing out the page with their bib number as proof they have been there 😱To put it into perspective:

🏃‍♀️ Only 18 people have EVER finished it since it started in 1986.

🏃‍♀️ Until last year only 1 woman had ever made it to the 4th loop (Sue Johnson in 2001).

This is Jasmin’s 3rd attempt. Last year, she made history as the first woman to complete Loop 4, while she missed the 48-hour cut-off to continue onto the next loop, she’s back this year armed with experience and drive as she's just set off on Loop 5 (along with 5 other runners), and everyone is rooting for her to finish. 

TWR Founder, Mel had the privilege of meeting Jasmin in Edinburgh back in 2019, shortly after she shattered the course record for the 268-mile Montane Spine Ultra - only stopping to breastfeed her baby and beating the next competitor by a full 15 hours. She shared her hopes of becoming the first woman to finish the Barkley Marathons. "I bet you'll do it," Mel said to her then, and we hope that this year is her year!

TWR Founder Mel Bound and Ultra Marathon Runner Jasmin Paris in 2019

To follow Jasmin's progress head over to Twitter where @keithdunn, the unofficial official source for Barkley is sharing race updates.

More info on the Barkley Marathons can be found here.


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