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Attention, TWR community!

We are super proud to support the Women in Sport powerful manifesto calling for an end to misogyny in sport. This potentially game-changing, policy-driven initiative calls for:

  • Policies and laws to eradicate misogyny.

  • Making gender impact assessments mandatory for all publicly funded sports organizations.

  • Achieving 50-50 visibility in sports coverage & representation on sports Boards.

  • Improved support & training for teachers and coaches on the physical and biological realities of being a girl and woman and the impact of gender stereotyping.

Being physically active can transform lives - it can give girls and women resilience, courage, self-belief, and a sense of belonging.

However, it is still the case that too many ordinary women and girls are missing out disproportionately on the joy, fulfilment, and lifelong benefits of sport throughout their lives.

So your voice matters, and every vote counts!

Click the link below to send a letter to your next MP and demand the changes that can really make a difference...


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